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Suicide rates have been increasing at alarming rates worldwide. With millions of people contemplating taking their own lives. And so many thousands actually doing it. If our message can stop one person, at one moment, from taking their life, we have succeeded. If we can stop one family from having to experience the loss of a loved one, we will have accomplished our mission. All life is precious, everyone deserves to feel how precious and important their life is. Everyone deserves to have a purpose that is bigger than their despair. And that is why we created the STAY project.

STAY started as a book, written by Imaobong Smart after a close family member attempted suicide. The book was launched right as the lockdowns started which catapulted loneliness and depression to a lot of people everywhere in the world. 

After the success of the book, and so much positive feedback from people and family that got touched by the message, Imaobong Smart decided to turn the book into a song to reach even more people.

But the spreading of the STAY message does not stop there. Imaobong Smart is now producing a film to raise awareness about the dangerous, delicate and urgent situation so many people find themselves in and continue to bring a message of hope to give people a new perspective and a new reason to STAY.


production date; July 8th, 2021

Help put this movie in theaters


Release date;
September 3rd, 2022


We are very excited to be in the process of producing our "Stay;" film to reach people worldwide with our message. We are raising funds to cover production, distribution, and promotion costs so we can bring our message and impact more lives.

Spreading the message is key to the success of our project. So many lives have already been touched by STAY the book and STAY the song and we appreciate everyone who helped us spread the message. Get involved by engaging with us on social media, sharing our content, and letting everyone know they also should STAY.

Our mission is to make an impact, one life at a time by sharing the powerful message of STAY. Suicide has taken too many lives and impacted so many lives in so many ways. We want everyone to hear our message and help give people yet another reason to STAY.  

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Life in its self is depressing, think of it, every time you turn on the news there is a report of shooting, natural disaster, babies dying in cars, shootings that makes you consider buying a bullet proof vest for your entire family to wear the next time you want to go the movies or Walmart, you lose your job, your business collapses, the people you love the most get so sick to the point of inactivity or even worse they die! Anyhow you think of it, life is all so depressing, it only becomes dangerous when you allow the negativities around you to have a strong hold on you. The purpose of this book is to expose the delusion of suicide and debunk the myths that we try to hold on to in other to justify the act.



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